All music is currently suspended at both churches, for the duration of government restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of disease.

In normal times the Sunday morning Mass at St. Michael's alternates between a traditional choir with organ and a folk music group playing and singing contemporary songs accompanied by guitar and other instruments. Both groups welcome new members of any musical ability and of any age - leave a message with the parish secretary on 01189814572 or send one on the form via the "contact us" part of this website.

Likewise, the Sunday morning Mass at St Oswald's embraces a wide range of music to suit all tastes. Whilst we currently have no resident organist, we use the organ on an ad-hoc basis, sing "A Capella", or with any musical instruments to hand. We would really like to grow the small music group, and welcome anyone with an interest in serving in this way. Ability to read music would be a bonus but by no means a necessity (several of our current members are unable to read). As for St Michael's please contact the parish office if you would like to get involved.

We are fortunate that both our churches are blessed with notable organs. St Oswald's organ was built in Ireland and came to Burghfield via the choir school of the Catholic cathedral, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The organ at St Michael's is grade 2 listed! It  belonged to the family of a parishioner who donated it to the church of St Peter and Paul, Kingsclere. Following the Kingsclere church's closure in early 2015, the organ was then moved to St Michael's.