Covenant to the People

A group of volunteers who live out their faith by making themselves available to  other parishioners to give practical help. A rota of three parishioners receive requests and contact volunteers. Typical requests include lifts to hospital or doctor and help with gardening, decorating or DIY. If you would like to be a volunteer or want help with a practical problem, please see the contact details in the weekly parish newsletter.

Food Banks

We are proud to support the West Berks Food Bank and the  Basingstoke Food Bank providing emergency food for people in crisis.

A collection box for the Basingstoke food bank is in the lobby at St Michael's, donations of in-date non-perishable goods welcome. For more information go to

The West Berks food bank's Mortimer and Burghfield centre is located at The Leonard Rooms at St Oswald's church in Burghfield Common. Please phone   07955626621 for more details or go to

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)

 This is an international voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833, whose members dedicate themselves to the service of the poor and needy. See

Innumerable Catholic parishes have established "conferences", most of which are affiliated to a diocesan council. The SVP members attending St. Oswald’s are part of the Douai Abbey conference. They visit the sick and lonely, support the poor and needy, and organize a number of social events for older members of our community as well as taking people to hospital or to Healing Services in the Abbey. If you wish to volunteer your services locally or you know of someone in Burghfield or Mortimer who might benefit from their support, please contact: Etta Dearden Telephone number 01189842427


 Christians together in Mission (also known as TiM)

This is a local independent, Christian Charity, founded by member of Churches Together in Burghfield, Sulhamstead and Mortimer, who’s vision was ‘To enable Christian’s to work together effectively to serve the local community and meet the needs of a changing world’. It is both a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee, operating in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. It provides opportunities for local Christians to live out their gospel lives in service to their neighbours.

There are three principal areas of activity.

  • They provide for the family, by providing a Community Café in Burghfield Common, known as Café B and staffed by local volunteers.
  • They provide for young people, by an initiative that sends Christians into local primary and secondary schools, known as School Pastors, (a spin-off from Street Pastors), licensed by The Ascension Trust.

Whilst the law does not allow them to evangelize, they can witness, by their presence, to the love and concern that the local Christian community have for young people.

School Pastors receive over 20 hours of training, and must be DRB checked as part of safeguarding procedures and must also have a personal reference from their local Church Minister

  • They provide for Senior Citizens and the lonely, by offering a free befriending services, known as ‘TiM Friends’, that matches their volunteers to clients, who will then receive, as a minimum, a one hour visit every week, some volunteers also take their clients out for short trips to Garden Centres etc. ‘TiM Friends’ also organizes special events at different times of the year. All volunteers need to be DRB checked.

If you are interested in volunteering for any if these opportunities please visit the TiM website or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. them.